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A travel into the MDMA abyss

It's all about waiting: long hours before having it. Then, you know you will be high... and fine.
Mdma is a fun. It is considered a club drug because when you take it everything looks colorful, joyful, you don't feel nervous anylonger and everyone can be your best mate for the whole night. Mdma is no more than the active principle of Ecstay pills. In fact it interacts with the nervous system as a deep stimulator.

Mdma become common in the club scene during the last decade. It is cheap, widespread, easy-to-take and dam addictive. You can either melt it into water - and then drink it - or either ingest it insiede of a rolling paper. Effects last up to a whole night and the first hit starts with 0.2/0.3 grams which costs 15/20£.
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