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    Twinkling, bubbling, fluctuating: the beauty of marine life is far from human understanding and 95% of its depths as yet to be discovered. Hence, its precarious equilibrium can be easily corrupted by our modern societies: sea life is exceptionally beautiful and the underwater world is an immerse offer of colours, harmony yet brutality. This photography project has roots in the past, I started working at it in 2012, as a side of my practice - I have previously travelled extensively to Africa and the Middle-East for five years covering conflicts - putting together stories related to the water world: they spank from sea acidification and underwater farming to marine reserves along the Italian coasts. In April 2018, I decided to undertake the next step by living full-time aboard of a 9,5 meters sailing boat from ’74 that have been transformed into a temporary house and working studio. I sailed on my own from Menton, in France, along Italy until I have reached the Greek waters: Ithaca, the home island of Odysseus and later the Temple of Poseidon, the God of the Sea, which still dominates the Saronic Gulf. During my six-months journey, I have sailed more than 3’000 nautical miles in a continuous search for beauty and the many and different faces of the main actor of the whole project: the Mediterranean Sea. The water world has proven also to be one of my deepest love with its abyss of magnificence. This led me to appreciate the slowth of this travel: routes were not based on a precise time schedule, but on the weather, on the waves and on the stories that I have found during my navigation. In the end, with the gradual variation of longitudes and latitudes, I manage to like to echo the words of Alexander Pope which I have recorded at the beginning of my journey, which I had found on a wall just outside the harbour of Livorno: the Sea unites the Countries it separates. -> SUPPORT the project, become a patroon visiting the following link: [the project was made possible also thanks to the precious support of technical sponsors and partnerships such as Navionics, Apple, EasyDive housing, Riso Ceriotti, Giga Design Studio]
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